Omnipotence (TL)
Omnipotence (TL) XXTemplate:20WUBRG,T (26)
Enchant Aura 11
(Tap in the spell cost means that you can only play this before your combat phase and can't cast spells, attack or block this turn.)
  1. REDIRECT Template:Unique (TL)
    Immune to all colors and to colorless.
    Effects can't be countered.
    You may add X mana of any color or I to your mana pool, at any time, any number of times.
    You may win or lose the game, or look at and play any cards or tokens, or use any ability, you want from anywhere in the game, or counter any card in the game, or prevent any player from playing a spell or using an ability, at any time.
    You can't lose the game without your consent.

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